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Family Wealth Alliance Webinar – Sept 14

15 Aug


Criticism–used well, this powerful leadership tool can promote positive change and strengthen relationships in business and life. Is it possible to use criticism at work without breeding resentment?

Dr. Deborah Bright, best-selling author and business coach, joins Family Wealth Alliance CEO Tom Livergood for a free webinar and fireside chat about the highly misunderstood topic of using criticism positively in the workplace.

Dr. Bright offers valuable techniques from her most recent book, rated by getAbstract as one of this year’s top 5 business books! She pulls tips from her book The Truth Doesn’t Have to Hurt: How to Use Criticism to Strengthen Relationships, Improve Performance, and Promote Change to help us:

  • Understand the essential role of criticism in the workplace
  • Overcome common mistakes made when giving criticism
  • Gain insights on handling difficult work-related situations

Register now for this free 1-hour webinar on September 14th, 2:00PM EDT. Turbocharge your workplace and career by learning to strengthen relationships and enhance performance with criticism!

Note: Dr. Bright’s 30-minute fireside chat will follow Bob Legan, of Whitnell & Company, discussing unique issues and planning opportunities with family owned or closely held businesses.

Getting What You Expect: Setting Goals

16 Jan


As 2013 gains momentum, you may be setting up your New Year’s resolutions for the year.

The most difficult aspect of establishing any goal is the identification of what you truly want, as opposed to setting goals according to what others may want for you.

Determining what you truly want is the first and most important step in goal setting.

The easiest test to determine whether the goals you have set for yourself align with what you truly want is to ask yourself, are you getting what you want… and wanting what you get?

The next step, obviously, is planning your course of action to achieve that goal.  When pursuing your goal, perhaps it would be helpful to reflect on the definition of a GOAL.  The definition, which I came up with and have successfully used for years, is “something you expect . . . the evidence yet unseen”.  Working with this definition helps you to remember that there are no guarantees that you will achieve your goal- that is why you need to expect it. Yet few people actually have the staying power needed to achieve the goal. So “wanting” something is not enough, you need to expect it!

You should put every ounce of energy into striving towards your goal.  If, in the end, you don’t succeed, at least you know you did your best!

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