Check Out Our New Website!!!

18 Feb

I’m sure many of you have noticed a decline in the number of posts I have been making, in fact they have come to a complete stand still. The reason for this is that we have been going through a transitionary period here at Bright Enterprises. One of the end results of this transition is that our new website has been completely reworked from the bottom up. So, rest assured that in the coming weeks I will once again begin to share my expertise.

Until then, please take a moment and peruse the new website! We are very excited and hope that you will find it to be easier to navigate and more user friendly.

Just to get you all excited, here is a preview of my next post!

Personal Responsibleness, what is it and how does it differ from responsibility? Stay tuned to find out!

Deb Bright, Ed.D., is founder and president of Bright Enterprises, Inc., a consulting firm devoted to enhancing performance. Her roster of clients includes Raytheon, Marriott, Disney, GE, Chase, Morgan Stanley, and other premier organizations. She is also a best-selling author. Her newest book is entitled The Truth Doesn’t Have to Hurt: How to Use Criticism to Strengthen Relationships, Improve Performance, and Promote Change (AMACOM Books).


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