Tips for Accepting Control

16 Apr

We’ve recently been exploring control and what it is you can do to accept control in order to achieve your goals. To wrap up this larger discussion, here are a few tips for what it is you can do to take personal control in your life. They are great reminders!


  • Stop thinking that control is something bad, and that by seeking control you’ll become a “control freak.” Remember, you are seeking control over yourself (and your situation) in order to reach a desired outcome.
  • Stop equating control with rigidity. Rigidity can trick us into thinking we have control, when we really don’t.
  • Stop allowing yourself to get caught up in routines. Sometimes, those routines can become the emphasis and focus, rather than a desired outcome or goal.
  • Stop thinking that you have “no control” over your emotions and your thoughts.


  • Start realizing that control is equated with flexibility. Build flexibility by developing a repertoire of skills that will allow you to be more adaptable. In turn, your confidence and self-reliance will grow.
  • Start building flexibility into your day by introducing new routines.
  • Start letting go of negative situations. Learn to “absorb the mistake and remember the lesson.”
  • Start building more choice into your life by asking yourself if you “want to” do certain things.

Remember, “total” control is unattainable; what you are striving for is a true sense of control. By attaining this sense of control, you will no longer feel overwhelmed, boxed in, or unable to do anything about a situation.


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