Letting Go of Negative Situations – Part 1

28 Mar

Letting go of negative situations and outcomes is an important skill to have in your toolbox. It allows you to refocus and reinvest your energies into more positive channels and can help you in establishing a sense of control. But how exactly can we harness our energies to rebound from temporary setbacks, disappointments, or even mistakes?

Here are a few simple methods you can use which I like to call quick charges. Quick Charges are easily implemented techniques designed to help users perform at their best when in difficult situations. They are instantly effective, giving their users a “boost” that helps them through high-pressured moments. Even better, they are undetectable by anyone but the person using them. They are like a “secret weapon” working to keep their user in control of a situation.

A Quick Charge that is particularly effective at eliminating negative thoughts and for rebounding from mistakes is the Wastepaper Basket Quick Charge. Begin by envisioning a sheet of posterboard. Take up to 15 seconds to mentally scribble whatever negative thoughts you are having at the moment onto the posterboard. Maybe you’ve just returned from a presentation you were giving where your boss pointed out two errors in your PowerPoints. You can mentally jot down, “How could I have been so stupid? Why didn’t I double-check my figures? I should have caught that! They’re never going to let me give another presentation, now!” At the end of your 15 seconds, envision yourself taking a very big paintbrush and painting a large ‘X’ across those negative thoughts. Then picture a big wastepaper basket – take the poster, crumble it up or tear it to pieces, and dump it into the waste basket. Then light a match and burn the whole thing!

If you are really pressed for time, the Helium Balloon Quick Charge may be your best bet because it’s an even faster way to let go of a negative thought. Simply picture a balloon being filled with helium – as the gas is pumped into the balloon, include your negative thoughts. Then release the balloon and let it fly away, taking your negative thoughts with you.

If you are visually-oriented, or have had visualization training, either the Wastepaper Basket Quick Charge or Helium Balloon Quick Charge will probably work very well for you.

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