Letting Go

26 Mar

When striving to enhance performance, the ability to “let go” is a valuable skill, and one well worth cultivating.

Letting go is closely related to flexibility, which I covered in my last blog. Letting go involves a combination of backing off, going with the flow, trusting yourself, and, for some, having faith in a higher power. When we talk about letting go, we are not talking about “hanging loose” or operating with a complete laissez faire attitude where you let whatever happens happen. Rather, we’re talking about eliminating the conflict often inherent in trying too hard, or forcing a solution to a problem.

Consider a situation where nothing in your day is going right, and the more you try to improve what’s happening around you, the worse things get. Or, you are away from work, spending time with your family and loved ones, and you can’t get your mind off of work. The more you tell yourself to stop thinking about work, the more you think about it. Or consider when you are tackling a problem and the answer just isn’t coming to you. The more you try to force yourself to come up with a solution, the more confused you get.

In each of these situations, and others like them, your energies are being misdirected because you are forcing things to happen, fighting either yourself or what you are trying to achieve. The more you force things, the tenser you become. You start worrying more about consequences than outcomes, emotions take over, and ultimately, you lose focus on what’s most important – staying in the present. By letting go and eliminating the “fight,” you can create momentum and allow your energies to flow better. In the end, that’s a recipe for staying in control and staying in the present.

In my next blog installments, we will look at some tips on how to “let go.”


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