Using the Matched Relationship Expectations Package

24 Jan

Any meaningful relationship, whether in the workplace, with friends, or at home, has as its foundation a clearly established matched relationship expectations package.

A matched relationship expectations package is a negotiated agreement between two or more people in which the important expectations of each have been expressed and essentially harmonized.  Building a matched expectations package goes beyond simply talking and involves engaging in an open exchange for the purpose of establishing a mutual understanding. By engaging in a meaningful exchange, each party gets to know what the other wants and needs in an effort to work effectively, directly, and build a trusting relationship

Besides defining the employee’s job in relation to organizational (and personal) goals, a matched expectations package will also include a discussion of the work relationship between manager and employee, as well as an identification and validation of unspoken expectations.

Both managers and employees benefit when expectations are clarified at the outset. Job performance is heightened as work gets done accurately and with quality, energy is positively directed, and there is a greater willingness to be more open and honest on the part of both manager and employee. When mutual expectations are kept, ironically, there is less of a need to criticize. Expectation packages are the architect’s blueprint to building strong relationships.


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