10 Rules to Remember When the Reciever of Criticism

12 Jun

  1. Don’t be thrown by a giver’s manner of delivery—givers think they are right. Otherwise, why would they be approaching you? Remember, however, that they only “think” they’re right. It’s not necessarily true. 
  2. Keep an open mind. You can reject the criticism at any point. 
  3. The receiver colors what’s being said. 
  4. The ability to accept criticism varies, depending on who is delivering the criticism. 
  5. If the giver is attempting to deliver instructive or quality criticism, it is the receiver’s responsibility to make the giver feel comfortable. 
  6. The giver is just as uncomfortable in delivering the criticism as the receiver is in getting it. 
  7. Avoid personalizing criticism; instead, look at quality criticism as a resource for achieving your goals. 
  8. In most instances, reacting defensively or becoming argumentative is ineffective; this kind of behavior precludes any meaningful discussion. 
  9. Receiving criticism is uncomfortable because the giver is pointing out something negative or expressing some form of disapproval, and criticism implies that you will need to make a change. 
  10.  As the receiver, you need to look beyond the words to the intent of the criticism.

By keeping these insights in mind, you will be able to more effectively keep your emotions in check, stay focused on sorting out the intent behind the criticism, and keep the criticism in the proper perspective. Doing all of this positions you to benefit from what is being communicated when on the receiving end of criticism!

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