Three Steps for Dealing with Self Criticism

22 Feb

Empowering yourself with self-criticism where you learn to be your own best friend is a skill set. Here are three helpful steps for developing that skill set:

  1. Do not fight your negative thoughts:
    Since we cannot always control negative thoughts, do not work yourself up, or feel bad when they enter your mind.
  2. Rapidly inspect your thoughts:
    You must train yourself to listen objectively to your thoughts instead of accepting negatives and truths. Learn to judge your thoughts rather than be led by them. This helps you understand whether your criticisms are enhancing or interfering with your performance.
  3. Validate your thoughts:
    Once you have learned to objectively listen to your criticism, you can determine whether they are true. You can do this by answering these questions:

    •       Have I heard this criticism before?
    •       How old is it?
    •       Who gave me this criticism and is this person credible and someone I can trust?

You can’t always control what sparks a self-criticism exchange, but what you can control is what you do with those messages. If you walk away from a self-criticism exchange feeling confident and desirous of taking action, then you have mastered the skill of working with yourself. It’s an empowering feeling!


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