Sure Fire Tips for Handling Pressure: Symptom #3

8 Jan

Office Worker with Mountain of Paperwork

Symptom #3 – You are experiencing difficulty concentrating and getting to work on the task at hand because your mind is racing at the speed of light as it scans all the things that you have yet to get done.

Cause and Cure:  What’s happening is that you have momentarily lost your focus.  It’s quite a common occurrence today.  So it’s relieving to know you are not alone.  To regain your focus and to handle the pressured feelings, try practicing Bright’s 2M Simultaneous Focus Quick Charge.  The first “M” stands for the macro picture and the second “M” represents the micro picture.  By imagining a camera lens, you can adjust your focus so you see both the Macro and the Micro perspective simultaneously.

When you are able to see the macro picture you may realize that you are not dealing with life and death issues, or consider reminding yourself that five years from now this deadline will not significantly affect your life.  With this realization in mind, the intense pressured feelings you are experiencing will suddenly lessen and you will be able to better direct your energies and move into action.

Likewise, if you are operating in the macro picture and feeling overwhelmed by viewing everything that needs to be done, you can move yourself into action by focusing your camera lens on the micro picture.  Do this by asking yourself, “What is one thing I can start working on right now that will ultimately result in making a valuable difference?”  For instance, imagine having lots to do and only three hours left in your day.   Adjust your lens to view the micro picture, and choose one task you can work on in the next three hours that will make a valuable difference.  Using the 2M Zoom is a catalyst for moving into action.

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