Sure Fire Tips for Effectively Handling Pressure: Symptom #2

7 Jan


Symptom #2 – When engaging in conversations with others about work, you experience tightening in the chest, dizziness, panicked feelings and overall body sweat.

Cause and Cure:  When you talk to others, the words you use can have a direct effect on the amount of pressure you feel.  After all, have you ever felt more relaxed after saying to a friend, “Oh, I have so much to do right now”?  Other pressure-producing words to avoid using include, “have to,” “must,” and “should.”  These words, when used repeatedly for one task, may rev you up, but when there is a pile of things to get done, these words may create additional pressure that pushes you over the edge.  By paying attention to the words you use with yourself and others, such as, “want to,” “need to,” and “like to,” you can better modulate pressured feelings.

Stay tuned for Symptom #3!


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