Sure Fire Tips for Effectively Handling Pressure: Symtom #1

4 Jan

The forecast this year for the amount of work to be done shows no signs of any let up – As a result, experiencing pressure on the job is a given.  In order to prosper in the coming year, you are going to need to polish your skills.

In the next blogs, I will discuss three symptoms and tried and true approaches to consider as we gear up for 2013:

Symptom #1 – When asking others for help, their first reaction is to sigh.  Next, they appear reluctant, at the onset, to help you out.

Cause and Cure:  When you need some help from another team member who has a plate-full of deadlines, you may add extra, unwanted pressure by the way in which you are approaching him/her.  Asking someone, “Could you do me a favor?” causes pressured feelings to mount instantly because individuals are mentally registering one more task to do on top of everything else they have on their plate.  They feel boxed in because even before knowing specifically what they will be asked to do, they are being called on to tell you whether or not they are willing to do you a favor.

A more effective approach to getting others to help you, and one that produces less pressure for everyone involved, is to avoid asking that question up-front.  To appear less demanding, try mentioning that you, “Really could use some help.”  This indirect approach may elicit better results without increasing the pressure on your co-workers.

Stay tunes for Symptom #2!


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