Influencing Others

21 Dec


Effectively influencing others is an important communication skill to have as a leader who is at the helm for driving change through the organization.

What are some tried and true tips for influencing others? Below are some simply implemented tips to consider.

  1. “Building Technique”. When listening to others in a meeting express ideas or raise concerns, you want to take one of their key points and “build” upon what they said by adding your own ideas. It’s a great skill for letting others know that you have listened to them and that you see value in what they have to say! It’s a skill set that was introduced years ago by Xerox Learning System.
  2. Work with an alternative of choice. This gives someone an opportunity to avoid being incorrect. It’s also how sales professionals engage customers to bring them closer to a final sale.
  3. Always talk in terms of adding value.  When in conversation always point out the benefits of the action to be taken or the value of an idea being presented. Oftentimes people do not make the connection. Therefore, you are helping them to see the broader picture.
  4. Work from a “Yes” momentum. To create excitement in a conversation and make people feel comfortable, work from a “yes” momentum.

Using these skills are easily implemented when in conversations with others to be a more effective communicator and influencer.

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