Understanding Confidence

2 Apr

Confidence is the belief in one’s ability to achieve a particular outcome or goal or, put more simply, confidence has to do with self-assurance.

Where does personal confidence come from? Here are three underlying factors I’ve uncovered that build personal confidence:

1.     Knowledge and Experience – The more we know about something, the more confident we feel. As an example, think back to the first time you got into a car to drive it. You were most likely unsure of yourself. However, after a period of time, and with some experience, driving became second nature even to the point where you became comfortable working with a GPS system or waving to a friend while competently negotiating through the traffic in front of you.

2.     Successes – Acquiring a lot of knowledge and having a number of experiences with “no successes” rarely leads to building confidence. It’s necessary to have some successes along the way.

3.     Control –Knowing exactly what we do that contributed to a success and knowing how to repeat that success is what control is all about. Control awareness occurs when a person has personally and successfully completed a task and can directly attribute the success to his or her own efforts.  When reflecting on these three underlying factors, an exciting conclusion emerges which is that we have a lot of control over building our own personal confidence.


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