Acknowledging People In A Meaningful Way Part II

28 Mar


Praising, rewarding, and, yes, sometimes even criticizing people makes them feel that their presence within the organization is important. Acknowledging people for the value they bring to a team department or organization instills pride, which in turn boosts energy levels that can be creatively channeled into their work.

Giving people recognition is the easiest thing to do, but toughest to be effective at doing. For starters, leaders need to make the reward or recognition meaningful. 

  • The best approach that I’ve learned for how to ensure that an attempt to deliver recognition that’s meaningful is by asking the employees the following question: “Putting money, promotions and raises aside, what is the best way I can let you know that the organization values your contributions?” or “Putting money and promotions aside, is there one thing I can do that’s within my control to let you know that I value your contribution?” 
  • Another option is to learn what people do in their leisure time and use that to reward and recognize people.  It’s according to their interests. 
    • Rewarding people and recognizing them with money is a nice thing but a memorable thing is to give people something tangible that they might not get for themselves. 
    • One thing you can do daily that shows respect and is appreciated  is to say, “Please” and “Thank you” to your people.
    • Give feedback for the results of their efforts is another effective way to recognize employee’s contributions. If someone has worked hard on something and turned it into you, you want to get back to them and let them know how their contribution either helped the project along or detracted from the project.

These are the best things you can do up front.  Remember, it’s easy to reward and even easier to mess it up!


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