Meeting Deadlines the Positive Way: Part III

9 Mar


In addition to dealing with the emotional aspects of pressure, the actual meeting of a deadline also needs to be accomplished. If peers or subordinates are involved in completing certain tasks of the project, there are several management techniques that are sure to be of assistance.

  1. Let everybody in on the big picture. When people know the importance of a task and how it contributes to the entire project, they are motivated to better perform.
  2. Try to delegate the detail work to others on your team while dealing with the major issues yourself. And when you delegate, be certain the person has the resources to complete the task.
  3. Explain slowly, clearly, and completely what you want others to do. Be sure you’ve been understood, and then cheek their work regularly. Remember, you won’t get what you expect only what you inspect.
  4. Be aware of the amount of work you’ve delegated. If you have the type of employees who are supportive, they may take on every assignment without letting you know they are overwhelmed. This can result in increased stress and/or subsequent reduction in their performance.

Pressures from deadlines in today’s workplace are increasing in many areas of endeavor because of the need to do more with less. Much of it simply results from the genuine concern about being accurate. Whatever the reasons for this additional pressure, the techniques outlined above can be a real help in directing one’s energy in more productive ways.


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