Meeting Deadlines the Positive Way: Part I.

6 Mar

One source of stress that pervades every work place is the pressure that comes from meeting deadlines. What’s important to understand is that pressure is a typical example of a stress reaction. I’m not implying that pressure is a bad thing; after all, many of us subscribe to the belief that “we do our best work under pressure”.  Actually, that’s proven not to be true- but more about that in another blog.

 Regardless, pressure is caused by both internal and external sources.  If not handled properly over a period of time, pressure that’s mishandled can lead to health problems and loss of working efficiently.  

To set the stage for learning to control the pressure that comes from meeting deadlines, it’s important to clarify precisely what is pressure. Pressure, as I have defined in my book, On the Edge and in Control: A Proven 8-Step Program for Taking Charge of Your Life (McGraw Hill) is the fear of not having enough time or resources available to meet your own level of expectation or the expectations of others.

If you accept that pressure is a stress reaction that comes from trying to live up to a set of expectations, then it follows that pressure is not inherent in any task, but originates within yourself and is brought to any task. Working with this premise positions you to now be able to manage pressure and the sources of pressure. It is accomplished through a two-fold strategy.

 This two-fold strategy will be explained in the following blogs.


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