14 Feb

What is control?  Control is the process of isolating and commanding key factors that, when put into action, will result in achieving a desired outcome.  At the heart of control is action directed in three areas: first, to clearly identify the desired outcome; second, to isolate the key factors that can determine an outcome; third, to propel ourselves into action.

Taking this definition and making it operative is where you discover the pay-off. Take for instance, a situation where you are talking in front of a group. You believe that you are losing your audience as you notice people fidgeting and looking at their watch or smart phone- typically a bad sign!

Your confidence starts to wobble. What can you do to take control and regain your focus and give yourself a little boost so that you do your very best (desired outcome)? After all, you aren’t finished and you want to gain the leadership’s approval (other desired outcome).

Bright’s Quick Charges are great techniques for keeping yourself in control.  Quick Charges are techniques I discovered years ago when competing in sports.  Quick Charges are easily implemented techniques designed to help users perform at their best when a difficult situation demands it.  They are instantly effective, giving their users a “boost” that helps them through high-pressured moments—but even better, they are undetectable by anyone but the person using them.  They are like a “secret weapon” working to keep their user in control of a situation.

Here’s a highly effective Quick Charge to use in this situation and others where you find your confidence slipping while in the heat of the moment.

Bright’s Stay-in-the-Present Quick Charge:

When confidence levels are low and when doubt creeps in, this Quick Charge is useful because it helps to regain your focus.  To use Bright’s Stay-in-the-Present Quick Charge, you need to be aware that allowing yourself to anguish about past events is futile because there is nothing you can do to change them.  At the same time, to become anxious about what might happen is a waste of energy because it hasn’t happened yet.  Instead, you should “stay in the present” and direct your energies toward what needs to be done at that very moment.  Staying in the present is where you can and need to make a difference thus- the Stay- in- the- Present Quick Charge.


3 Responses to “Control”

  1. Mike Barratt February 14, 2012 at 5:04 pm #

    Great read! Thank you for sharing! I’ve found that thinking tends to make it difficult to be in the moment. That’s why planning in advance is so powerful. It allows you to take action and focus on execution. The more action you take, the more present you become.

    • drdebbright February 17, 2012 at 12:50 pm #

      Thank you! There’s more to come!


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