Clarifying Expectations Discussion

3 Feb

If you thought to yourself that establishing clear expectations that are mutually understood is a two-way process, others would agree. In this case, the two-way process is between the boss and his employee. Furthermore, if you concluded that Michael needed to do a better job of clarifying specifically what he wanted from Chris given the fact that deadlines were very tight, others would also agree. Michael unfortunately made the mistake of assuming that Chris would understand what was desired. After all, they had worked together for several years and Chris should by now have been familiar with Michael’s style. On the other hand, Chris needed to seek further clarification from Michael instead of running off and doing things assumptively.

 If you thought to yourself that this is a typical occurrence in the workplace, few will disagree with you as well! All too often we find out after the fact that expectations were not clearly understood from the onset by both parties. One of the most common mistakes which causes rework is describing “what” needs to be done when assigning tasks and “assuming” that the end result is clear. So the lesson here is to make sure that the “end result” is discussed… upfront! Both parties- need to take responsibility.


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