Clarifying Expectations

30 Jan

“We are on the same page”. 

The person who expresses that is aware of the need to be aligned in order to get consistent results.

It requires going beyond “talking” with one another. It involves establishing matched expectations. How many times have you engaged in a conversation where everyone is contributing but nothing comes out of the conversation?

Take for example, two team members discussing lateness to meetings. Both agree that it’s disrespectful to be late and how it’s inexcusable that people can’t notify each other when they are going to be late.  So far, that’s a meaningful exchange only. When does all of that “talking” take shape and help to define how best to work together?

When both parties clarify and mutually agree that if they are going to be more than 10 minutes late for a meeting, they will call the other person to let them know.

Calling was preferred over texting because chances were great they would be traveling by car to the meeting. To text would require having to pull over to the side of the road which would be inconvenient.

When all parties agree to the “expectations” described, then you have a “matched expectation package”.  What’s important is not to “assume” everyone is on the same page.


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