Book Specials!!

13 Jul

We at Bright Enterprises want to make you aware of a terrific book purchasing opportunity. We are closing our New York based warehouse where we have stock of 3 different bestselling books that Dr. Deb Bright has written over the past few years. Before we begin reprints and ship all books to our Tucson facility, we wanted to first give you the opportunity of purchasing individual titles or a box of the books below at an extremely low cost.

Criticism or negative feedback is an inescapable and sometimes difficult aspect of communication in today’s workplace. Done effectively, it’s one of the most powerful influencing tools that managers can utilize in their “toolbox”.

For example, you cannot have an exceptionally performing team without the effective usage of criticism or negative feedback. Likewise, it’s difficult to build trust and respect in relationships without incorporating the effective usage of criticism or negative feedback.

Criticism is also essential to bringing about change in an organization as well as promoting quality. What’s unfortunate is that a topic such as this which affects so many aspects of a worker’s day is so grossly misunderstood and poorly applied.

The books written by Dr. Bright touch on the essential aspects of understanding criticism and learning the skills of how to give and receive criticism. The books would not be complete if they did not address the importance of learning to work with self, and use self -criticism as an asset for building self confidence.

The two books we are currently offering at a special price are:

The Official Criticism Manual (129 pages): A highly practical reference tool for times when the delicate art of criticism of others is necessary.  This book provides readers with proven techniques and strategies for both delivering and receiving criticism with the final outcome of building trust and respect in relationships. It is for those times when the inconvenient truth is necessary and called for. Organized in a step-by-step format for quick and easy reference, this one-of-a-kind resource offers practical insights into the difficult task of being honest and, in the process, inspiring others to change their behavior. A MUST for your management tool box!

  • Hard cover (40 books/box) – 3 boxes available
    • Individual Book Price:

Original retail price: $29.50

Special Sale Price:  $8.50/book plus shipping and handling

  • Soft cover (75 books/box)- 2 boxes available 
    • Individual book price:

Original retail price: $26.45

Special Sale price:   $7.00/book plus shipping and handling

Criticism In Your Life (232 pages): This book shows the reader how to actually benefit from everyday criticisms at work and at home by putting criticism in proper perspective. By always keeping other’s best interests in mind, readers will learn how to develop meaningful relationships. Recognizing that giving and receiving effective criticism is an art that can be easily mastered by incorporating a few essential steps.


  • Soft cover (36 books/box)
    • Individual book price:

Original retail price: $24.45

Special Sale price:  $6.00/ book plus shipping and handling

Especially useful around employee appraisal times, these books also serve as a great complement to training programs that focus on performance enhancement and effective supervision of others. They make great gifts for employees during birthdays and work anniversaries, and are thoughtful ways to say “thank you” when employees are performing exceptionally well.

We would be happy to send or direct you to articles on the web that Deb has written in the past to give you an idea of the value she offers in her work. If you are interested in this opportunity or if you have any questions, please contact us via email at or by phone at 520-620-3500.  Also, we invite you to check out our website at “Like” us on Facebook!

*Offer valid until September, 2011.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Bright Enterprises Team


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