Identifying what you Really Want as an End Result

13 Apr

Interestingly, of the many people I interact with when coaching executives or speaking to business professionals, I’ve noticed that they have difficulty sorting out what they want as a desired end result.

Take for example, a technology management team who needs to put together a presentation in front of their colleagues to encourage them to buy into a future technology plan. Managers leading the discussion became so caught up in the production of the PowerPoint presentation that they lost sight of the end result they were striving to achieve.  Putting together a great PowerPoint presentation is not the whole story.  Interestingly, the PowerPoint is the means to the end.

Here’s another common off the job example that many of us can relate to losing weight. So many people start off highly motivated to lose the unwanted pounds, only to find themselves putting the pounds back on when they “go off their diet”. In this situation, the real desired end result is to keep off the unwanted weight- not simply to lose the pounds.  Some people would argue that their end result is eating healthily and living a healthy lifestyle and then, losing the unwanted pounds is a means to the end.

Think about it- achieving the end result of “living a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy” will result in thinking differently about oneself, as well as, requiring an attitudinal change towards food.  So thinking clearly upfront about the desired end result is extremely important.

Here’s yet another classic example of how people are not effective at identifying clear end results- An aspiring competitive golfer wants as his end result to qualify for the PGA tour. So I asked him if he would feel that he achieved his real desired end result if he qualified for the tour but ended up on the bottom of the money list. He said “no” because he had to feed his wife and 2 year old son.

So bottom line, as you set goals for yourself, be sure to go beyond thinking about what you want and truly identify your desired end result!


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