14 Jan

When it comes to criticism, it’s an unpopular topic.  None of us look forward to waking up in the morning and being criticized or more gently said, receiving negative or constructive feedback.  However, here’s a big picture 2011 question:

Can you escape criticism or negative feedback?

When you take a moment to reflect on this question, it becomes apparent that the answer is “no”! Regardless of your status in life, level of education, or the amount of money you have accumulated, you cannot escape criticism.

One highly intelligent employee thought they could avoid criticism by not saying anything in meetings.  That way, no one would criticize any of his ideas or recommendations. Because he was smart, he quickly realized that he would get criticized for not contributing anything to the meetings.  It’s a topic you can’t escape.

The focus is not on trying to eliminate criticism from our lives, it’s learning how to effectively deal with criticism… or negative or constructive feedback!


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