“Unplug It”

7 Jul

Allowing someone else’s negativity to stress you out? Well, with all that is happening in today’s uncertain, overburdened, and fast-paced times, this is one source of stress you could do without! How, without having to take a class or read a lengthy book, you ask? Here are a couple of fast, easily implemented tips that can help you immediately!

Imagine the following scene:

You are at work and you have a lot on your plate. An associate bursts into your office with a hurricane-type force and starts blurting out all of their frustrations from the morning. You want to be helpful, but in the process of listening to your fellow colleague, you are getting all stressed out because the person’s negativity is sticking to you like paste. What do you do?

Below are research findings from the 2003-2010 Strategies for Enhancing Performance Initiative, where over 255 working people engaged in an experimental and control design to identify the most effective skills for enhancing performance, while at the same time, mitigating the negative effects of stress:

  • The #1 best person to vent to is a co-worker. This person ranks higher than a friend or family member, at least according to the findings. So when someone wants to vent to you from work – you are doing that person a favor and serving as a benefit to them.
  • Practice the “Unplug It” Quick Charge. Quick Charges are techniques I discovered as a result of the 11 years I spent competing as one of our country’s top 10 women platform and springboard divers.  Quick Charges are easily implemented techniques designed to help users perform at their best when a difficult situation demands it.  They are instantly effective, giving their users a “boost” that helps them through high-pressured moments—but even better, they are undetectable by anyone but the person using them.  They are like a “secret weapon” working to keep their user in control of a situation. This particular Quick Charge is used by mentally envisioning an electrical plug inserted into an electrical socket. The electrical current is equivalent to your being charged up at the moment. As soon as that electrical plug gets pulled out of the wall, you have lost all of that emotional charge.

Keep the following perspective in mind if you are questioning the validity of this Quick Charge. The focus is not whether you like the “Unplug It” Quick Charge or not. Your focus is on if you have specific skills which you can rely on to help you avoid absorbing the negativity cast from others.


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