Understanding and Accepting Control

30 Jun

I’ve previously put a couple of tips from articles that I have written in the past on this blog. What I’ve had a hard time sorting out is how best to make this blog of interest and of value to those people who may be stumbling across this address.

After investing some time thinking about it, this blog is intended to provide helpful tips for individuals, whether in sales, technical positions, or leadership roles, to optimize their effectiveness from one day to the next. Interestingly, for the past 30-plus years, the whole focus of my work has been on helping individuals to enhance performance.

For my first blog, the topic is on understanding and accepting what is in one’s control. A number of people waste a lot of energy and lose out on a number of opportunities because they don’t utilize what is in their control. Many of us can readily think of examples of where people worry and get upset about things that are out of their control – the weather, the economy, who gets promoted. There is a far greater number of people who fail to utilize the control that is within their reach and that has been theirs all along. A good example is the employee who feels totally overwhelmed at work. They lose count of the number of hours they put in each day as they are constantly checking emails throughout the night and making themselves available to their bosses and other members of a team. There is no fault here because individuals can easily get caught up in the momentum of what is happening around them. However, many individuals have control over what is happening throughout their day. For instance, individuals who are in management, and in many cases non-management, opt to work from home on a particular day or can opt to come into work later one day a week. In most cases, bosses want to make sure people are available and readily accessible. That can be achieved whether by working from home or in the office. Likewise, individuals who are unable to fit into an exercise routine find it helpful to leave work early on a particular day so that they can get to the gym at least once or twice a week. Once again, bosses are more concerned about the work getting done than they are with people always hanging around the office. So the key is to check in with your boss and take the risk of offering a few workable ideas to alter your hours and how you work in order to optimize your effectiveness and value to the organization, while making time for personal issues. Where a lot of people go wrong is that they leave work early or opt to stay home without informing the right people.

Taking control that is already yours is what is key. This is just one of many examples.


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